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Tristian Upton
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Michael Stones
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Jackson Montgomery
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Part-time work. Full-time work. Student work. Flexible work.

We're filling positions for GCC students...


Please review the position descriptions below, fill out the application, and you will be contacted shortly!

We specialize in working with students around school, and over their Winter break/Summer break openings. The positions are extremely flexible, allowing students to work around classes, sports, or other previous commitments (other jobs, family vacations, etc).  

Scroll down to apply!


-  Meeting one-on-one with customers.
-  Presenting products.
-  Appointment setting.
-  Answering any questions customers.
-  Helping place customer orders.
 $15 - $17 starting pay with opportunities for scholarships and internships.


Note: No knocking on random doors, no start up costs, no cold-calling, and no experience needed.
COVID19 update: All of our students are working remotely from home or their dorm room. We have moved entirely virtual! 

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